How it works

Three easy steps.

We want to help you produce your own monthly supply of marijuana.

We offer tutelage in person and online, and the expertise to construct your grow station, secure and safe within your home.

No risk of minors, pets or natural problems such as mildew.

Step 1 : Sign up.

Step 2 : Fill out a quote form.

Step 3 : We contact you on your terms.

What we do.

We build marijuana growing facilities.

We come to you and we figure out the options you have in developing your own Grow Station.

We have experts who have developed custom marijuana grow operations in all sorts of conditions and each time they develop a Grow Station, it's safe and secure.

Each of our grow stations uses high quality parts to ensure that your grow station is delivering at 100% like all the rest.

We want your grow station to operate as self sufficiently as possible with minimal upkeep until it's time to harvest.

We can install your grow station into nearly any space.