Your Grow Station

What is a Grow Station?

It is our term for a grow operation that has been quoted, planned and installed by us.

Every grow station is a closed growing environment secure from intrusion by people, pets or germs.

Parts of a Grow Station

A grow station consists of lighting, reflective materials, a cooling system and a few other gadgets we use to ensure your yield comes through on schedule.

We use air filtration to keep the smell of your grow station minimal or non existant.

What if you can't meet your criteria?

We have standards for our installations, and in the event that we cannot install a grow station within an existing building, we will explore and discuss options in developing your property with a new grow station facility.

A simple 50 square foot (imagine a square room at about 7 feet on one side) is a small enough foot print that it can be installed in any back yard and yield a regular crop.